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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Application has crashed because of Conficker.Worm Virus

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"Application has crashed because of Conficker.Worm Virus" is a fake security alert from the fake anti-virus application called Win Security 360. The fake alert reads:

Windows Security Alert
Application [program-name].exe has crashed because of Conficker.Worm Virus 
Potential Risks: Viruses is spreading over your PC and the system status is unsafe. Your service provider may lock you out of internet access, because your PC is potentially harmful. 
Viruse's actions: Steal your personal data and send it to the remote host. Spread between your friends quickly (via internet or storage drives). Send spam and malicious codes from your computer.

If you see this fake security alert that means your PC is infected with Win Security 360 virus. In such case, please read Win Security 360 removal guide. Good luck!