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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Remove Fast Windows Antivirus 2011 (Uninstall Guide)

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We've seen a significant increase in the number of misleading sub domains in TLD that were promoting malware called Fast Windows Antivirus 2011. We usually classify such misleading websites as browser hijackers that pretend to scan your computer for malicious software and reports hundreds of false system security threats. They distribute malware and at least for the last few weeks they were hosting fake anti-virus application called Ms Removal Tool (BestAntivirus2011.exe). If you somehow ended up with this rogue anti-virus, please follow the Ms Removal Tool removal instructions. Although, these browser hijackers or fake scanners are titled "Fast Windows Antivirus 2011", we haven't found any rogue security program with such name yet. Most likely, Fast Windows Antivirus 2011 is only used for marketing of other malware. Anyway, if a window titled Fast Windows Antivirus 2011 pop-ups on your computer screen and supposedly scans your computer then it's certainly a scam. Do not download anything from such misleading scanners as shown in the image below. If you think that your computer has been infected some sort of malware, please run a full system scan with anti-malware software. Good luck and be safe online!

Here's an example of a fake anti-malware scanner tha reports non-existent infections on your computer.


Anonymous said...

I just got this after doing an google image search for a white laquer dresser. First it opened itself a new foxfire window, then moved to a tab. I tried closing the tab, why does foxfire allow them prevent you from closing the tab without clicking in the scammer's box? Anyway I lost all my tabs just to start a new window.

Anonymous said...

it is from google images. they need to fix it

Dylan said...

More often than not, I get this from Google Images. The whole thing is a bit dumb, considering my laptop runs Windows 7, and that has the theme of Windows XP. I just laugh. Chrome allows you to simply close the tab without problems.

Anonymous said...

I only see it when viewing Google images, as well. Spybot finds nothing.

Anonymous said...

This popped up while I was using google images. Funny thing is I am running firefox on a Linux computer. Just annoying.

Anonymous said...

This thing popped up for me while on multiple websites... I actually can't remember if I was doing a Google Image Search at that right moment but I know I had done a few image searches tonight lol. Anyways, I closed the whole window, ran multiple scans (Avira, still running & MalwareBytes AntiMalware which detected nothing), searched for A-fast.exe, checked the Processes & found nothing suspicious.... Firefox would open & I would get no weird pages, just that it wouldn't let me clear history & I also got some weird popup saying that a chrome script was running. I just stopped the script & uninstalled Firefox. Would anyone please tell me if I'm safe or should I try something else? TYSM