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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Windows Live Re-activate your account Phishing

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Phishing attempt against Windows Live users. This phishing email appears to be from Microsoft, however, the return email address clearly indicates that it's not genuine. Phishers claim that your account information is incorrect. You need to re-activate your account by logging into your Windows Live account. Although, the anchor text for an URL link is disguised as a legitimate URL, it actually redirects you to infected Word Press blog where the phishing web page is hosted. I have to admit that the phishers have made very realistic copy of Windows Live login screen. So, if you've received the following phishing email, please delete it from your inbox.

Legitimate website:
Phishing website:
Return email address:

Here's a screenshot of the phishing email:

And here's the Windows Live phishing website:

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Anonymous said...

I followed your instructions and all worked great Thanks a lot!
Very easy and quick…thank you so much, I was about to go to Best Buy and have them fix it. Save the money.