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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wmupdate.exe Process Information

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wmupdate.exe has been identified as a threat. It is added by a Trojan detected as Troj/Agent-GGJ, however, other Trojans may use the same file name as well. The malicious file is usually located in %WinDir% and %Temp% folders. wmupdate.exe may download additional malicious code from the internet, including rogue programs and spyware. If your computer is infected with this Trojan, you should immediately run an anti-malware program. If you need help removing this Trojan from your computer, please leave a comment below.

This is a harmful program. To remove wmupdate.exe, please scan your computer with anti-malware software.
Security Rating: Dangerous

%WinDir% is a variable that refers to the Windows folder in the short path form.
  • C:\Windows
%Temp% is a variable that refers to the temporary folder in the short path form.
  • C:\Documents and Settings\[UserName]\Local Settings\Temp\ (Windows 2000/NT/XP)
  • C:\Users\[UserName]\AppData\Local\Temp\ (Windows 7)

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Anonymous said...

I need help! I can't open anything because it says its infected with w32/blaster.worm even the internet I'm using my Mums phone to post this by the way. Please help

Admin said...

Your computer is infected with a rogue antivirus program. Please follow this removal guide: