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Monday, December 26, 2011

Remove Ping.exe, 100% CPU Usage Problem

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Ping.exe is a command line utility available in Windows OS. It was created to verify whether a specific computer on a network or the Internet exists and is connected. The legit utility runs from C:\WINDOWS\system32\. Normally, it shouldn't cause any problems. Unfortunately, there are malicious programs posing as Ping.exe and chewing up your CPU usage. You can stop Ping.exe using Task Manager but it will re-spawn within minutes and cause the same 100% CPU usage as before.

In our case it was the notorious TDSS/Alureon rootkit. You can remove this rootkit easily using TDSSKiller. It is also worth mentioning, that this rootkit was hiding the presence of Trojan droppers. Such combination made our computer act as a zombie, not to mention that cyber crooks could easily steal every bit of information from our system. If you are in a lot of trouble with 100% CPU and pop-ups that are contently asking your permission to make changes to the system or download files from the internet, please follow the removal instructions below. Your computer is probably infected with malicious software. And if you need extra help removing ping.exe and fixing 100% CPU usage problem, please leave a comment below. Good luck and be safe online!

Remove Ping.exe

1. First of all, try to stop ping.exe or at least suspend it:

1. Open Task Manager
2. Click Performance
3. Click Resource Monitor
4. Right-click Ping.exe and choose Suspend process.

2. Download recommended anti-malware software and run a full system scan to detect and remove this malware.

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Anonymous said...

I tried to run a full scan on Ms Security Essentials. NOTHING! The I tried the TDSSKiller as noted above - Still nothing. Any further ideas?

Anonymous said...

TDSS killer is not working on this problem. ping.exe causing 100%cpu and lots of browser redirecting and pop up ads

awwwmann said...

All i could do is to keep suspending it PING.EXE over and over. I tried this not long ago, and i cannot find a trace of PING. #Hoping it stays away

Anonymous said...

try clear all cache the cache and cookies on your browser after scans are done

Paul said...

I'm experiencing the same problem, TDSS killer showed up nothing and PING.exe uses 100% CPU and restarts if killed. I think it also started another process under C:\Users\MyUser\Vista\AppData\Local\Temp called asdhjs.exe which I couldn't kill at all (even by using Unlocker.exe). It seems to have deleted my previous System Restore points and turned off Windows Firewall and Windows Defender and it won't allow me to turn them on (comes up with "Windows Firewall was unable to make the requested updates"). I've tried the following without any success:
I've read so many threads on other websites that don't have a solution and it's driving me nuts, I've tried loads of RootKit detectors without success so far and AVG shows up nothing. Help!

Anonymous said...

run in safe mode, it worked like a charm for me

Anonymous said...

The cure process as described worked fine in my case. What appears to have been the way this entity found its way onto this AVG2012 protected? system, (registered and up to date) is via two e-mails, supposedly from FEDEX
with an order # and another with an Invoice # and a heading reference relating to an incorrect address and a package returned to Fedex. Both messages were sized at 379 Kb. I did not recognise these messages as a threat and neither did the e-mail scanner in AVG.
I had no pending deliveries to Darwin via Fedex since their charges are often three or four times the value of an item available in the US.