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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Remove TheTorntv V10 Ads (Uninstall Guide)

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With so many different viruses and Internet parasites to contend with, it's no wonder it can be a little confusing trying to work out what everything is – and more importantly, what sort of damage they can inflict on you. I've found a few websites saying that TheTorntv V10 is a virus but actually is not. Let's get down to it: what is it? What affect can it have on your computer? How does it get there in the first place? How you can avoid installing it? And, crucially, how do you get rid of it? Please use this guide to remove "Ads by TheTorntv V10" and any associated malware.

Here's an example of Ads by TheTorntv V10.

If you've ever wondered what the difference between adware, greyware, spyware, viruses and malware is, you're in the right place. Furthermore if you've heard of Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) and are not sure what the deal is with those either, read on as we will hopefully be able to enlighten you. Most DLL file of this program are detected as ADWARE/CrossRider.Gen2, a variant of Win64/Toolbar.Crossrider.F, PUP.Optional.TornTV.A by multiple anti-virus engines. It's pretty obvious that it's an unwanted program. Most AVs say it's adware. While others say it's a PUP. However, none of them detect it as virus, malware or spyware. it's very important to understand the difference because some sites will try to scare you into thinking that TheTorntv V10 adware and the ads you get are very dangerous. Yes, they might be but they can not steal your passwords, etc.

Are viruses, adware, spyware, malware and greyware the same thing? It's a good question but while there are some similarities between the five; they are all threats to your computer being the main one, spyware, viruses, greyware, malware and adware do have fundamental differences. But does that really matter? If these are the online bad guys, that's all we need to know surely? Well, actually it's not quite as simple as all that just a little bit of knowledge about each one will help you stay safer and defend yourself from attack.

Starting with the most obvious one: computer viruses. It can be tempting to lump everything 'bad' on the Internet as a virus, but as noted, there are differences. In the simplest terms, a virus is a self-replicating computer program. TheTorntv V10 adware cannot replicate itself, so it's clearly not a virus. In fact, viruses don't even have to be malicious – but the fact is that many are. Most computer viruses worm their way onto your PC by attaching themselves to a genuine program. A good anti-virus program should spot most viruses but as always, you should stay vigilant when downloading from the Internet.

Malware, short for 'malicious software' is an umbrella term that refers to anything and everything that has the ability to infect your computer. It encompasses adware, viruses and spyware, although Potentially Unwanted Programs are not considered to be malware as they usually announce their presence in the License Agreement or T's & C's when you're downloading from the Internet. We could say that TheTorntv V10 adware is party malware.

Unlike a virus, spyware is not self-replicating but make no mistake, this is a truly nasty piece of work! Spyware monitors your web browsing habits and can gather this information for use by a third party. You should also be aware of something called a key logger which records the keys you hit – i.e. what you type – so your usage can be monitored that way – and that includes your passwords and log in details. While TheTorntv V10 may gather some information about your browsing habits, like websites visited, etc., it's not a spyware program.

The difference between adware and other malware is that, like a PUP, you often will have consented to the adware being installed on your PC. Usually TheTorntv V10 is bundled with free software and once installed will inundate you pop-up and banner ads. In fact many Potentially Unwanted Programs are closely linked with adware.

This covers online nuisances that might be annoying but are not necessarily malicious. PUPs fall into this category. Because some people find Potentially Unwanted Programs useful the lines tend to be blurred. However if you want to stay completely safe online, you should do your best to avoid installing a PUP. And that means checking download T's & C's carefully, and not clicking on links or opening attachments in emails from unknown senders.

If you have questions, please leave a comment down below. I will be more than happy to help you. Good luck and be safe online!

Written by Michael Kaur,

TheTorntv V10 Removal Guide:

1. First of all, download anti-malware software and run a full system scan. It will detect and remove this infection from your computer. You may then follow the manual removal instructions below to remove the leftover traces of this malware. Hopefully you won't have to do that.

2. Remove TheTorntv V10 related programs from your computer using the Add/Remove Programs control panel (Windows XP) or Uninstall a program control panel (Windows 7 and Windows 8).

Go to the Start Menu. Select Control PanelAdd/Remove Programs.
If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7, select Control PanelUninstall a Program.

If you are using Windows 8, simply drag your mouse pointer to the right edge of the screen, select Search from the list and search for "control panel".

Or you can right-click on a bottom left hot corner (formerly known as the Start button) and select Control panel from there.

3. When the Add/Remove Programs or the Uninstall a Program screen is displayed, scroll through the list of currently installed programs and remove the following:
  • TheTorntv
  • and any other recently installed application

Simply select each application and click Remove. If you are using Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8, click Uninstall up near the top of that window. When you're done, please close the Control Panel screen.

Remove TheTorntv V10 related extensions from Google Chrome:

1. Click on Chrome menu button. Go to ToolsExtensions.

2. Click on the trashcan icon to remove TheTorntv V10, LyricsSay-1, MediaPlayerV1, HD-Plus 3.5 and other extensions that you do not recognize.

If the removal option is grayed out then read how to remove extensions installed by enterprise policy.

Remove TheTorntv V10 related extensions from Mozilla Firefox:

1. Open Mozilla Firefox. Go to ToolsAdd-ons.

2. Select Extensions. Click Remove button to remove TheTorntv V10, LyricsSay-1, MediaPlayerV1, HD-Plus 3.5 and other extensions that you do not recognize.

Remove TheTorntv V10 related add-ons from Internet Explorer:

1. Open Internet Explorer. Go to ToolsManage Add-ons. If you have the latest version, simply click on the Settings button.

2. Select Toolbars and Extensions. Click Remove/Disable button to remove the browser add-ons listed above.


Anonymous said...

hy i have tried to do this multiple times but it doesnot respond when i try to uninstall it from the control panel and its not even there in my extension so its very weird what should i do?