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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

What is SupraSavingsService64.exe and how to remove it?

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SupraSavingsService64.exe - by Opiniads

What is SupraSavingsService64.exe?

SupraSavingsService64.exe belongs to the adware called SupraSavings. The file is installed on 64-bit versions of Windows. Avast and some other anti-virus programs detect it as adware and PUP, Win64:Adware-C [Adw], for instance. Once installed, it will display pop-up ads and redirect your web browser to dodgy websites. In order to avoid detection and manual removal it is usually installed as a Windows service. Less computer savvy users may not know how to find and remove Windows services therefore the longer lifespan of this installation is almost guaranteed. It has been found to be bundled with 3rd party software, mostly other adware and potentially unwanted programs. Almost half of the installs come from the United States. It is also distributed in the UK, Germany and some other countries. It has no valid digital signatures. My advice would be to remove SupraSavingsService64.exe and associated adware from your computer. It's not essential for Windows and may cause problems, for example slow down your internet speed and make your web browser crash. And of course, don't forget extremely intrusive and misleading ads.

File name: SupraSavingsService64.exe
Publisher: Opiniads
File Location Windows XP: C:\Program Files\6e6b36eb-9156-411b-b951-c735f4747dcf\
File Location Windows 7:C:\Program Files (x86)\6E6B36EB-9156-411B-B951-C735F4747DCF\
Startup file: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run → SupraSavingsService64.exe