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Friday, September 5, 2014

What is HpUI.exe and how to remove it?

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HpUI.exe - by SupTab/SearchProtect.

What is HpUI.exe?

HpUI.exe is a potentially unwanted application that may hijack your web browser and display ads on your computer. It's belongs SupTab and Search Protect programs (probably some other adware programs too) that are classified as adware PUP. Search Protect redirects users to Multiple anti-virus engines have detected this file as malicious: Zhangling.BCD 20140807, Adware.Win32.SupTab.81 20140807, HEUR/Malware.QVM06.Gen 20140807, SearchProtect 20140807. The first detection name is quite interesting because AVG anti-virus uses Zhangling as an identifier. But indeed, HpUI.exe has a valid certificated and its signer name is Zhang Ling. Other anti-virus programs use more obvious names such as adware SupTab and SearchProtect. Just like most adware and PUPs, it's distributed via pay per install networks and fake Flash or Java update web pages. It also comes bundled with freeware, toolbars and other applications like screensavers or even driver downloads. HpUI.exe is usually located in the 'C:\Program Files\SupTab\' folder and in Windows %Temp% folder. It remains unclear what's the main purpose if this file but it runs in the background all the time and uses system resource. I also noticed network activities related to this program. Needles to say, it's not essential for Windows and may cause lots of problems including annoying ads and system crashes. I recommend you to remove HpUI.exe and related malware from your computer. It can be removed manually but it would be better to use an anti-malware program because if it's installed on your computer then there might be other potentially harmful software installed as well.

File name: HpUI.exe
File Location Windows XP:'C:\Program Files\SupTab\
File Location Windows 7: 'C:\Program Files\SupTab\
Startup file: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run → HpUI.exe