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Friday, October 24, 2014

What is

Tell your friends: is a Web-to-TOR gateway controlled by cyber crooks who created the CryptoWall ransomware. They previously used TOR organization's Web-to-TOR gateways but most of them were shut down when organization discovered that CryptoWall was utilizing them. New malicious gateways were identified and blocked within a few hours. Cyber crooks had to create their own gateways if they wanted to stay in business. Unfortunately, CryptoWall payment servers can be reached again which means they can receive bitcoin payments once again. itself isn't malicious. It's just a web page with your OS and IP address information as well as instructions on how to pay the ransom. If you were redirected to this web page then your computer is probably infected by CryptoWall virus.

The updated virus also has unique bitcoin payment addresses and more aggressive file encryption and deletion algorithms. To remove this virus from your computer, please read this removal guide.

Decrypt service

Your files are encrypted.

To get the key to decrypt files you have to pay 500 USD/EUR. If payment is not made before (time/date) the cost of decrypting files will increase 2 times and will be 1000 USD/EUR.

Written by Michael Kaur,