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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

What is FindingDiscount.exe and how to remove it?

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FindingDiscount.exe - by Finding Discount.

What is FindingDiscount.exe?

FindingDiscount.exe is a part of Finding Discount adware. This adware displays pop-up ads and redirects web browser to dodgy websites. It comes bundled with freeware, potentially unwanted programs and other adware applications. The problem with FindingDiscount.exe is that it modifies Windows registry and tries to hide its presence on the system. The only visible part of this adware is the executable file which runs automatically every time Windows starts. You won't find it on the Programs and Features (Uninstall a program) list or won't be able to remove it because of malicious Windows registry modifications. The main executable file is located in C:\Program Files\Windows Discount\ folder. Only a few anti-malware engines detect this adware that's why most users don't even realize that their computers have been infected until they start seeing pop-up ads and experience browser redirects. FindingDiscount.exe has no valid digital signature and is not essential for Windows. What is more, it can crash your web browser and make your computer slower. I advise you to remove this adware and related malware from your computer. And don't forget to run a full system scan with recommended anti-malware software.

File name: FindingDiscount.exe
Publisher: Finding Discount
File Location Windows XP: C:\Program Files\Windows Discount\FindingDiscount.exe
File Location Windows 7: C:\Program Files\Windows Discount\FindingDiscount.exe
Startup file: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run → FindingDiscount.exe


Anonymous said...

It is not going to work for everyone. Here is the simple way how to get rid of FINDINGDISCOUNT completely:
1) Boot in safe mode, run REGEDIT. Hit ctrl+f (find files in registry), type "finding" and delete all the files you see there with this name. (it will not show you all the files right away: after deleting one file hit ctrl+f again and again while there will be no files to show with this name).

CHECK: Show hidden files and folders.
UNCHECK: Hide protected operating system files.

3) Go to LOCAL DISC C (or where you have you program files):
In the SEARCH BAR type "finding" and delete all files and folders containing this name.