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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

What is PUP.Optional.SearchApp.A and how to remove it?

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Here I'm going to take a closer look at a potentially unwanted program called PUP.Optional.SearchApp.A. What it actually is and what it does? Let's take a look.

What is PUP.Optional.SearchApp.A?

First of all, the name itself may seem a little confusing, after all we know that we 'definitely' don't want any other types of malware, so why would PUP.Optional.SearchApp.A only be 'potentially' unwanted?

Such programs are generally seen as unwanted by the average user. However, I wouldn't fully agree with that. In this case, SearchApp is definitely unwanted not just potentially. Once installed, it will hijack your web browser and make lots of changes that are difficult to restore. It will also modify Windows registry and drop some other malicious files on your computer that are usually used to hide PUP.Optional.SearchApp.A and related malware. Most users who got infected with this program said that it comes back right after you restart your web browser. In other words, it's not just a simple homepage hijacker. In may opinion, it's definitely malware that has to be removed from the system as soon as possible.

It all comes down to the fact that most types of malware sneak themselves on to your computer but with Potentially Unwanted Programs you are actually agreeing to the installation. Of course you could argue that some malware, adware for example, is often referred to in the End User License Agreement shown when you download software – albeit it rather obscurely. However PUPs like PUP.Optional.SearchApp.A are a little more open than that and usually make it relatively clear that you are about to install them in conjunction with another program.

What issues do PUP.Optional.SearchApp.A cause?

Surprisingly, for something that is only described as 'potentially unwanted', PUPs can actually cause you quite a few problems. PUP.Optional.SearchApp.A is related to adware and will annoy you with endless pop-up adverts. Most PUPs also install a new toolbar in your browser – and this is often the main culprit when it comes to sending you to websites you didn't want to visit. Type in your search terms or URL and you'll simply be sent elsewhere. Luckily, this PUP doesn't install toolbars.

Some versions if this potentially unwanted program will be running in the background of your computer, which in turn makes it run at a far lower speed than normal.

Why is PUP.Optional.SearchApp.A only 'Potentially Unwanted'?

You're probably wondering why on earth these programs could possibly be wanted, right? The name Potentially Unwanted Program was chosen so that any program – such as a toolbar – would not be classified as malware. After all, plenty of people don't mind not using their default toolbar or extension and may not even realize that they're not being directed to Google or Bing when they search for something , but rather to a search engine preferred by the PUP’s programmer.

If you want to avoid PUP.Optional.SearchApp.A, make sure you read License Agreements carefully and understand what you are installing. If you have any questions, please leave a comment down below. Good luck and be safe online!

Written by Michael Kaur,

PUP.Optional.SearchApp.A Removal Guide:

1. First of all, download anti-malware software and run a full system scan. It will detect and remove this infection from your computer. You may then follow the manual removal instructions below to remove the leftover traces of this malware. Hopefully you won't have to do that.

2. Remove PUP.Optional.SearchApp.A related programs from your computer using the Add/Remove Programs control panel (Windows XP) or Uninstall a program control panel (Windows 7 and Windows 8).

Go to the Start Menu. Select Control PanelAdd/Remove Programs.
If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7, select Control PanelUninstall a Program.

If you are using Windows 8, simply drag your mouse pointer to the right edge of the screen, select Search from the list and search for "control panel".

Or you can right-click on a bottom left hot corner (formerly known as the Start button) and select Control panel from there.

3. When the Add/Remove Programs or the Uninstall a Program screen is displayed, scroll through the list of currently installed programs and remove the following:
  • Search App
  • GoSave
  • deals4me
  • SaveNewaAppz
  • and any other recently installed application

Simply select each application and click Remove. If you are using Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8, click Uninstall up near the top of that window. When you're done, please close the Control Panel screen.

Remove PUP.Optional.SearchApp.A related extensions from Google Chrome:

1. Click on Chrome menu button. Go to ToolsExtensions.

2. Click on the trashcan icon to remove SearchApp, deals4me, MediaPlayerV1, HD-Plus 3.5 and other extensions that you do not recognize.

If the removal option is grayed out then read how to remove extensions installed by enterprise policy.

Remove PUP.Optional.SearchApp.A related extensions from Mozilla Firefox:

1. Open Mozilla Firefox. Go to ToolsAdd-ons.

2. Select Extensions. Click Remove button to remove SearchApp, deals4me, MediaPlayerV1, HD-Plus 3.5 and other extensions that you do not recognize.

Remove PUP.Optional.SearchApp.A related add-ons from Internet Explorer:

1. Open Internet Explorer. Go to ToolsManage Add-ons. If you have the latest version, simply click on the Settings button.

2. Select Toolbars and Extensions. Click Remove/Disable button to remove the browser add-ons listed above.