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Friday, June 19, 2015

Remove "Ads by Choosecoupon" Adware (Uninstall Guide)

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Choosecoupon is adware that displays "Ads by Choosecoupon" advertisements on your computer screen and uses tracking component to spy on you. Even if you haven't heard of adware you are sure to know what it is as all internet users are confronted with it every time we are online. And after all, that is most of us, most of the time, or so it seems these days as we become more dependent on our computers than ever before.

Choosecoupon adware is actually one of the most prevalent types of malicious software used at the moment and the chances are fairly high that you have been infected by one of its nastier incarnations. So, why not take this opportunity to learn a little more about this adware and find out just what impact it can have on you and your computer. After all, adware can be a little more problematic than a lot of people give it credit for.

How does Choosecoupon work?

You've probably noticed "Ads by Choosecoupon" adverts on your web browser and maybe you haven't given them more than a passing thought. Any time that you are online and connected to the internet, you will see adverts displayed on your PC because of this adware. But have you also spotted how the ads by Choosecoupon you are shown are more often than not for products or services that you have only just recently been browsing? Weird, right – and maybe even a little unsettling for some people who may wonder if their trusty old laptop is in fact some kind of technologically advanced mind reader! Well that's where adware comes into play. It's not reading your mind; in fact it is actually spying on you. Now which is more worrying?

Wait a minute - it spies on me?

Yes. At the point of download, Choosecoupon also installs a component on your computer that monitors which websites you are spending time on, in particular which product pages. It then saves this data and sends it back to the person who developed the adware. Of course, the reason for this is so that the programmer can then tailor the adverts they show you to match your interests.

We're probably all in agreement that this is more than a little intrusive, but it can be slightly tempting to disregard the issue – after all, being infected by malware that corrupts your data would be far worse. But wait a minute, because adware is not as benign as you might think.

Problems that are caused by having adware on your computer:
  1. Adware's tracking component will slow your computer's CPU down, as well as your internet connection. That's because it's hard at work monitoring you and relaying data to the programmer via your internet connection.
  2. Some variants of Choosecoupon adware replace your tool bar with one of its own design. This tool bar will redirect your internet searches to websites it wants you to visit
  3. It can destabilize your system, causing issues with other programs and creating serious security vulnerabilities
Needless to say, you should get rid of it and not only because of annoying and intrusive adverts but also because it can cause serious problems to your computer. To remove this adware from your computer and stop Choosecoupon ads, please follow the steps in the removal guide below. If you have any questions, please leave a comment down below. Good luck and be safe online!

Written by Michael Kaur,

"Ads by Choosecoupon" Removal Guide:

1. First of all, download anti-malware software and run a full system scan. It will detect and remove this infection from your computer. You may then follow the manual removal instructions below to remove the leftover traces of this malware. Hopefully you won't have to do that.

2. Remove Choosecoupon related programs from your computer using the Add/Remove Programs control panel (Windows XP) or Uninstall a program control panel (Windows 7 and Windows 8).

Go to the Start Menu. Select Control PanelAdd/Remove Programs.
If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7, select Control PanelUninstall a Program.

If you are using Windows 8, simply drag your mouse pointer to the right edge of the screen, select Search from the list and search for "control panel".

Or you can right-click on a bottom left hot corner (formerly known as the Start button) and select Control panel from there.

3. When the Add/Remove Programs or the Uninstall a Program screen is displayed, scroll through the list of currently installed programs and remove the following:
  • Choosecoupon
  • GoSave
  • Active Discount
  • SaveNewaAppz
  • and any other recently installed application

Simply select each application and click Remove. If you are using Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8, click Uninstall up near the top of that window. When you're done, please close the Control Panel screen.

Remove Choosecoupon related extensions from Google Chrome:

1. Click on Chrome menu button. Go to ToolsExtensions.

2. Click on the trashcan icon to remove Choosecoupon, Active Discount, MediaPlayerV1, Gosave, HD-Plus 3.5 and other extensions that you do not recognize.

If the removal option is grayed out then read how to remove extensions installed by enterprise policy.

Remove Choosecoupon related extensions from Mozilla Firefox:

1. Open Mozilla Firefox. Go to ToolsAdd-ons.

2. Select Extensions. Click Remove button to remove Choosecoupon, Active Discount, Gosave, MediaPlayerV1, HD-Plus 3.5 and other extensions that you do not recognize.

Remove Choosecoupon related add-ons from Internet Explorer:

1. Open Internet Explorer. Go to ToolsManage Add-ons. If you have the latest version, simply click on the Settings button.

2. Select Toolbars and Extensions. Click Remove/Disable button to remove the browser add-ons listed above.